Friday, April 10, 2009

A great day

Today was a busy day - but it was a lot of fun.  

Here is the run down with some pictures and captions interjected.  

To start off, I slept in!  Then had a breakfast of strawberry shortcake.  Next it was off with Meri for a day of adventure.  

First we headed out to Diamand Valley Lake.  It was awesome.  We scouted out the wildflower trail, which we did not take since it was overcast and most of the wild flowers were asleep.  

View from the trail - amazing.

Then we headed back to the car to go check out the rest of the facilities at Diamond Valley Lake.  
Here is an ugly beetle we saw on the way to the car.

We checked out the Aquatic center - a pool, water slide and water play area.
We also checked out the visitor center and got some info on the museum out there - which I must go visit soon....

After that, we went to lunch, Homegoods, and Walmart.  After that it was time to go home!  We were tired...  We put together some cookie dough and took naps....

Annabelle, pretending like she was being a good puppy - b/c in reality she was quite the pest most of the day.  But that is mainly b/c the two other puppies have invaded her space and she isn't a good sharer.  

The result of the cookie dough - we will decorate tomorrow.  

The most exciting part of the day was our attempt to make peeps!  Yes, we got a recipe on-line (gelatin, water and sugar) and created some fun.  They turned out quite a bit smaller than the real things and somewhat deformed, but we got a few cute ones.  AND it was a lot of fun!  

The peeps

Some of our favorites.  
Three peeps running away from the mutant peep!  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A fun weekend

This has been a bit of a busy weekend.  Friday night we celebrated my mom's b-day.  We went to the Spaghetti factory in Fullerton.  Fun area and a great time.  The birthday was a bit belated since my sis was in the hospital on mom's actual day.

Friday night I spent the night in the OC and then got up and went to Avalon bagels with my sis on our way to a tball game.  While there, we ran into an old friend, which was really fun.

Then the t-ball game.  Always a fun thing.  This was Rebecca's game, Rebecca is a six year old who we have known since before birth.  My sis used to nanny for her and I used to work for her mom. 

After t-ball bre and I decided to head down to Costa Mesa to hunt for a Hurley sale.  We found it thanks to her eagle eyes and found some great deals.  I got a pair of nice pants, a shirt and a sweatshirt for 60 bucks.  

After that we raced back home grabbed some lunch and I went to go babysit two of my favorite kids.  After some Wii and backyard play we loaded up and drove the block or so to my parents.  I told Levi that we were picking "something up"  He didn't know who or what, but he was definitely curious.  I told him to keep watching the door.  Finally my bro came out.  Kenny is one of Levi's favorite teachers (probably second only to yours truly).  So, both boys were pretty excited (as was I since it meant another set of hands while at McD's.)  We had a great time at McD's - it was a lot of fun to be together with three of the greatest boys in the world.  After they played on the playground we got some ice cream - it is a great tool to get them out of the play-place.  
After that we dropped the biggest boy off and went back to the house for some mellow cartoons and snuggling time.  
Then I drove back home.  Today was church and then hanging out with the newest roomates - the two puppies we are watching.  Annabelle belongs to my roomates and Darci and Pasita belong to their parents.  

Darci - but she is so darn black that it is hard to make her out...
Annabelle and Pasita 

My good friend... 

Enjoying Ice Cream

Trying to get the icecream off his face - didn't work so well :)

My buddy again, he is an amazing kid and I love watching him grow up!