Friday, August 29, 2008

The best day

Today, was a great day. Here is the recap:
  • Slept in
  • Had breakfast with my roomie
  • Went surfing with my sis and bro
  • Had a great lunch
  • Took a nap!
  • Had dinner and watched a movie with good friends

What more could you ask for in a day?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mom update

Well, my mom came home from the hospital on Tuesday, one week and one day after being admitted. She is still a bit out of it, but today she went to Carls for lunch, which is a good sign, b/c yesturday she barely moved. So, that is good. Apparently she is winning the battle of the west nile. Apparently she now has a fear of all sorts of flying insects, mosquitos, flys, etc. Hopefully that will disapate as time goes on...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

West Nile?

So, this week has been a bit hectic. My mom was admitted to St. Jude on Monday morning. On Tuesday evening they did a spinal tap. Wednesday the contagious disease guy decided that she has West Nile. They are still waiting on actual confirmation on that, but according to the progression of her symptoms that is the diagnosis. So, if yout hink of her, pray for her. Oh, and by the way, West Nile when it goes into Spinal meningitus, is not so much fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dragon Boats

So, this weekend was busy, with kenny coming home from India - Hurray!

However, the highlight of the weekend was the 2nd annual Dragon Boat Races at Lake Gregory. A whole crew of YLFC peeps head up to a cabin this weekend every year. What determines the weekend is the annual triathalon over at Lake Arrowhead. After that event the gange (there are normally upwards of over 20 of us.) Head over to Lake Gregory. Last year they told us they were closing most of the Lake for most of the day for some Dragon boat races, this was quite disappointing. However, soon, we decided that we would make Lemonade from these Lemons and join in this crazy event. You signed up for five bucks. They had five teams. With the many peeps that we had, we formed an entire team. Well after 3 races and much fun we won!

This year we were all looking forward to it, we had a title to uphold, we were ready. Well, if you call knowing about the races and agreeing that we would participate ready, we were!

Well, although I did not personally participate this year, due to having to leave early to get the brother from the airport, I did cheer on the team. Well, I stayed for the first heat, our team was awesome. The key to dragon boat races is to all row together. I think the advantage of friendship is helpful. Well, we won the first heat and thus got to go straight to the final round. They won by a quite a few seconds! (I wasn't there) Anyway, Dragon Boat racing is steaped in tradition. Read more here. Anyway, we made it in their local paper, not the best article, here is the pic of us from the paper. We were team Chubby Bunny!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Being a dork

So, I had a random moment the other day, yes it is true. You see my family seldom can agree on a TV show to watch. One show that all five of us can tolerate is "California's Gold" which airs on Public Television. For those of you who haven't seen it, it is hosted by Huell Howser, a middle aged guy who goes around to various (and mainly very random) places throughout california, interviewing random people. Well on Thursday Marla one of my coworker's wives took me out to lunch for my birthday (it was a day early). We decided to head to oldtown Temecula. As we were parking we both noticed that there was a guy and a small camera crew walking down the street, talking to various people. All of sudden, it hit me, that was Huell Howser. Then the next thought hit me, "I have to get my picture with him." Which for me, is quite the thought, because I am not the stalker fan. I am not the one to always want an autograph or follow celebrarites. I realize that they are just normal people. I think one of my biggest reasonings was that my parents would never believe me otherwise. So, after walking by once just to make sure it was him, once he was on the move again, I asked him, he consented and quickly (he was in a hurry) I handed my iPhone to one of his crew and grabbed a picture.

So, it is official, I am dork, but somewhat proud of it!