Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hurting People

The church is Christ's bride.  The church is supposed to be the manifestation of the grace of God in this life.  I love the church, although flawed and often extremely messy, I love it.  Today was a hard day.  I was once again reminded of all the hurt in the world.  I was reminded that hurting children grow to become hurting teens who grow to become hurting adults.  I once again began thinking about the importance of loving those inside and outside of the church.  I was glad for the time that I did take for real conversations in the life of a child.  I was saddened that sometimes pain is so deep and so overwhelming that I feel as though we can not overcome it.  I longed for God to come back, as His glorious, warrior/kingly self and destroy the evil in the world.  For this is the only answer to some people's pain - the return of Christ and His amazing power in their lives.  In some ways that is the only answer to all of our pain.  The next life, for we were not created to live in this fallen world.  Until then, my prayer tonight is that God's Church, the manifestation of His grace would be just that tonight and continue to point people towards God's amazing power for life-transformation.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A busy weekend...

This was a buy weekend.  I spent the weekend in YL with the fam.  Friday night and Saturday noonish, I had work engagements (thus the reason for staying out in the OC).  Both went well and we had fun.  

Then, on Sunday, Kenny and I went to the preschool "new reveal" volunteer training at YLFC.  It was so awesome.  This is something that I remember talking about wanting to do in 2004.  It took us (or rather them, since I am not really there anymore) four years to make it a reality, but it was well worth it.  They had thought through the "what ifs" and "what do we do whens."  It was really exciting to see and to get to be a part in some small way.  It was also great to be with the EC team there and help them out and throw a great training.  Table decor, the new large group stage decor, and great food made the atmosphere great.  Gwin rocked as the preschool leader and I don't think I have anything I could critique (and that's saying a lot since I am a pretty much critical person (although I like to consider it being a realist and just always wanting to improve).  

So, that was my weekend, now on to a quieter next few days at home...