Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So, I'll wait till kingdom come...

Ok, so I will admit it, I occasionally listen to the Jonas Brothers, I have them on my iPod due to the fact that I have children in my car occasionally.

Anyway, they have a song that I relate too.  It was written by Nick Jonas who was diagnosed with diabetes in his early teens.  It is the story of his wait to be fine.  Throughout the song, he talks about how he is waiting for things to be better, to be released from the hospital, for a cure.  This is the final refrain:
"So I'll wait till kingdom come
All the highs and lows are gone
A little bit longer
And I'll be fine"

I love that this song acknowledges that life is hard.  You don't have to have diabetes to be able to relate to the fact that all of us have good seasons and hard seasons in our lives.  Although this song acknowledges treatment, and a search for a cure, I think it is profound that the true answer at the end is to wait for our Lord to come back, to make all things right.  I think that I often find myself looking for a cure, for a treatment for this sinful world we live in.  I do believe that God wants to give us his peace, comfort and joy, but I also don't want to ignore the fact that this world is broken and fallen.  I want to continue to wait for kingdom come and not take my eyes of eternity and all that it means.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We went camping!

Here are the pictures....

Camp is set-up!  Notice the view, right over the ocean!

Here is the fountain we (my mom and I) sat at while we waited for AAA to come retrieve the keys I locked in the car.

Kenny Skateboarding

View from Swami's at sunset...

My dad took the dog for a bike ride, she seemed to like it.

Me at the surf museum in Oceanside.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Donut Man


So, one of my friends loves listening to Adventures in Odyssey.  As a kid, we listened to Odyssey every once in a while, but what we listened to over and over again, was the donut man.  The donut man sang fun songs, crazy songs, and quiet, worshipful songs.  He taught us Bible stories in new ways.  He taught us Bible stories that are more obscure.  Basically he made the Bible really interesting. 

Anyway, I have been on the hunt for his old albums.  Of course we had them on cassete tape, and all I have been able to find on his website in the last few years (when I check every year or so) was new CD's, some of which had the more "kosher" songs from the good old days on them.  But the songs, like the one about worms nibbling on someone's toes b/c he would not worship God, were not accessable.  I just looked tonight b/c I was talking about him and I saw it!  He has released all the original albums on CD.  I am now vowing to buy one a month and collect all of them again. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some things I don't like...

1. People who feel like they are too good to wait in line.
2. Hot dogs
3. Mustard
4. Mayonaise
5. Being hungry

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things I love

1) Going on walks at sundown
2) Sunsets at the beach
3) Beach Camping
4) Surfing
5) Swimming
6) Downtown LA (Philippe's, China town, Alvera Street, Union Station, Little Tokyo)
7) Pumpkin Pie
8) Hamburgers
9) Hanging out with kids
10) Sleeping in

Friday, July 24, 2009

How do you measure a year???

Yesturday someone reminded me that we had known each other for one year today. This got me to thinking how I have grown in this year.

It has been an interesting year, one full of many blessings. It has also been a year of struggle and growth. I think that what I set out to do at this time last year has not been accomplished. I am trying to decide whether or not I have failed (what my mind jumps to immediately) or if the process is just much more in-depth and longer by nature than what I could have immagined. Of course, there are areas where I see progress, healthier relationships, better life style, etc. Either way, today I am feeling more discouraged than encouraged. Or rather a feeling of purposecd accaptance, that the plan and schedule God has me on is His, not mine, it is under His control, not mine, and in the meantime, I am pushing myself to do the things that aren't natural for me where I am, in order to try to pursue Him more. I think that I am trying to make the shift from, "I'll do this so that I will be able to have or be this" into "I WILL do this because it is right, it is what God asks of me, and it is an act of obedience no matter what the outcome." However, tha latter is scarrier and takes a lot more faith in the goodness of God.