Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Donut Man


So, one of my friends loves listening to Adventures in Odyssey.  As a kid, we listened to Odyssey every once in a while, but what we listened to over and over again, was the donut man.  The donut man sang fun songs, crazy songs, and quiet, worshipful songs.  He taught us Bible stories in new ways.  He taught us Bible stories that are more obscure.  Basically he made the Bible really interesting. 

Anyway, I have been on the hunt for his old albums.  Of course we had them on cassete tape, and all I have been able to find on his website in the last few years (when I check every year or so) was new CD's, some of which had the more "kosher" songs from the good old days on them.  But the songs, like the one about worms nibbling on someone's toes b/c he would not worship God, were not accessable.  I just looked tonight b/c I was talking about him and I saw it!  He has released all the original albums on CD.  I am now vowing to buy one a month and collect all of them again. 

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Karly said...

i'm SO listening to Odyssey lately. i found my old cd's. love them.